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What Is Old Tupton Ware

Old Tupton Ware Tomorrow's Most Collectable Antiques


So How Do They Make Old Tupton

Firstly, they Form the Shape of the Vase by Pouring Slip Clay into a Mould, Once dry it can then be Removed from the Mould. The Clay is then Cleaned & Prepared for Firing in the Kiln at 800*c

 One of our Highly Skilled Workers then Traces the Pattern onto the Vase, this has taken the Worker many Years of Training to Perfect the art, and we only use the Best Artists to do this. the Tube Lining is then Applied

What is Tube Lining; it's a Technique of Ceramic Decoration. it involves Squeezing a Thin Line of Clay Body Through a Nozzle onto the Vase Being Decorated, a bit Like Icing a Cake it is then is Placed Back in the Kiln & Fired Again at 800*c

Once the Vase has Cooled the Vase is then Hand Painted by Skilled Craftsmen then left to dry, once Dried a Gloss Glaze is Applied & the Vase is Fired this time at 1100*c for one Last Time

 The Last Process: the Vase then has to Pass its Final Quality Control Inspection, and only then can it be Deemed Ready for Sale